Yoko Ono

The Road Of Hope

Book cover CD disc

Order Number: Hiroshima MoCA

1 Hiroshima Sky Is Always Blue
2 Namyohorengeko
3 Happy Xmas [War Is Over]
4 Rainbow Revelation
5 Un Un. To
6 Scream
7 I Love You, Earth

Release date: July 23 , 2011

Track One : Hiroshima Sky Is Always Blue

Paul McCartney : Electric Upright Bass
James McCartney : Guitar
Sean Lennon : Harpsichord
Linda McCartney : Keyboards
Heather McCartney, Mary McCartney, Stella McCartney : Percussion, Backing Vocals
Yoho Ono : Vocals

This CD comes with the book THE ROAD OF HOPE - YOKO ONO 2011 .
The 8th Hiroshima Art Prize, that is the catalogue for the show of the same name
published by The Hiroshima City Museum Of Contemporay Art MOCA. The next info is not credited
in this book or in this CD: The song "Hiroshima Sky Is Always Blue" was recorded
at "The Mill" (Paul McCarteney's own studio in East Sussex)" and was mixed by Paul McCartney.

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