Heather Mills - Vo!ce

CD cover CD disc

Order Number: Coda Records CODARCD 004

Release date: December 1999
1 Voice Radio Edit 4.35
2 Paul McCartney's Mello Extension 7.18
3 Someone U Love Mix 7.02

CD Notes:
Heather Mills: Vocals
Paul McCartney: Backing Vocals and Guitar
Johnathan Elvey: Piano
Stamos Semsis: Strings

Writers: Patrelakis, Mills and McCartney
Produced and Arranged by Nikko Patrelakis
Lyrics by Heather Mills
Executive Producer: Heather Mills
Co-Produced: Mark Stephenson @ Coda
Engineered by Nikko Patrelakis, Paul Hicks & Keith Smith
Studios: Panic, Coda, Ewshot Hall, MPL & Keys (Athens)

All artists royalties from the sale of this single will be donated to the Heather Mills Health Trust.

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