Kate Robbins

Tomorrow / Crowds Of You

Single Promo Issue England

Order Number: Anchor Records Ltd. ANC 1054

1 Tomorrow ( Strouse / Charnin )
2 Crowds Of You ( Robbins )
Produced Del Newman - MPL Comunication - Administered by Paul McCartney

Release date: 1978

Kate Robbins
Born on 21 August 1958 in Margate, England .
Her mother Elizabeth Robbins was the first cousin of Paul McCartney
on his father's side . Kate has become a successful actress and singer,
representing United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest 1980 as part of the
group Prima Donna ,she had a UK Top Five hit with "More Than In Love" ( 1981 ).
Paul didn't produce this record , but was the executive producer and played a very
active role in the record develoment. Kate has contributed backing vocals to several
of Paul's recordings and collaborating on musical Liverpool Oratorio in 2007.
In December 2010, Robbins released her third album,a jazz based affair ( Soho Nights ).

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