Title : The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour

   MPI Home Video - Apple ( CLV 1538 ) 1994

   CLV - NTSC - Stereo - 54 min.

   Made in USA


   Side1 ( Only )

   Non chapters :

    - Magical Mystery Tour - presentation

    - The Fool On The Hill

    - Flying

    - I'm The Walrus

    - Blue Jay Way

    - Your Mother Should Know

    - Magical Mystery Tour - End & Credits


   Based on an idea conceived by Paul McCartney and a song of the same name ,

   was made by The Beatles in 1967,just two years after their last film ,Help! .

   Join John,Paul,George and Ringo as they take you on a psychedelic bus trip

   along with a bunch of eccentric tourists through the British countryside.

   Curious: in the back cover write The "foul" on The Hill, it mislead graph.

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